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We succeed thanks to:

  • The generosity of individual and corporate donors.

  • Large multi-national corporations to small local area "Mom and Pop" businesses that have helped us fulfill our mission by giving us opportunities to work for them.

  • Our motivated stable workforce that delivers quality services, conscientiously works on assignments for which it is difficult to find and retain long term employees, and do it well all at a lower cost than hiring and maintaining in-house staff.

  • Our well equipped building boasts a loading dock that handles the largest over-the-road trailers to facilitate unloading directly into a modern warehouse.

  • An active Board of Directors.

We pride ourselves in being responsible people with responsive attitudes. Rest assured that if you require a particular operation outside the scope of our resources, we'll be the first to let you know upfront - when it matters most.

Contact Us Today for a prompt quotation that locks in profits for you or to arrange a tour of our facility.
Call or e-mail Robin A. See, our Executive Director.

Why We Succeed

Why We Succeed

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Phone: 973-956-1313
Fax: 973-956-1173